"Purpose: how you use your experiences, talents, and passions to better the lives of those around you." ~ L. Peterson

Meet Kris the Founder & CEO of Maven Bridge Capital

Meet Kris the Founder & CEO of Maven Bridge Capital

"I started Maven Bridge Capital because I believe my duty in life is to serve the needs of others.  I want to create a place where our clients feel how much we care about them and how much we value our relationships".  

Our Story

Our Story

One of the main tenets of Maven Bridge Capital is that if you have a gift, you must embrace, teach and inspire others with that gift.  Maven Bridge Capital, symbolizes how important our relationship is with each client. We take pride in our duty and responsibility to our clients.

The word “maven” comes from Yiddish, meaning “one who accumulates knowledge”. In the dictionary, it is defined as an expert or connoisseur. To be a maven is to be a teacher and a student simultaneously.  We ensure that our expert practitioners are demonstrating advanced capabilities to our clients through continuing education, earning certifications and designation and collaborating with our peers when necessary. 

The word “bridge” is how we describe our relationship with every client. Our logo was designed specifically to symbolize our relationships with our clients. The “M” in the middle of the bridge symbolizes two people shaking hands. The pillars on one side represent the client’s family, friends, and trusted network, while the pillars on the other side represent our team and support system. All together, these form a bridge. The foundation of the bridge is secured by the trust built between our clients and us. The stronger the trust is, the stronger the foundation, and the larger the bridge can be.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

We understand that trust is the most important element in any relationship and seeking financial help is a big decision.  Our purpose at Maven Bridge Capital begins with being exceptional advisors to our clients, each and every day.  As exceptional advisors we aim to understand your needs and what you value to be important, so that we can ensure our advice and guidance is meaningful and impactful.  As practitioners we yearn to improve ourselves and continuously learn so that we may demonstrate advanced knowledge and provide the very best service to you and your family  Above all we do so by acting with integrity, loyalty and practicing ethically.  

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Our Foundation

 Maven Bridge Capital was built on the foundation of five core principles.

  1. Be worthy of your client’s trust.

  2. Do what is right, or don’t do it at all.

  3. Listen first, speak last.

  4. Be loyal to your clients.

  5. Be a student by continuing to learn.

Ready to meet and learn more?

We value our client relationships.  We would like to hear more about your needs and the areas you think a wealth manager can help you.  Schedule your complimentary 1 on 1 meeting to learn more about our services and how we can serve your needs.  

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