Tax Planning

As Benjamin Franklin so eloquently put it back in 1789, "nothing is certain except death and taxes."  Your tax situation can easily change throughout your lifetime.  With the right planning and awareness, having a tax strategies before and during retirement can naturally help reduce the total taxes you’ll owe over time.   You might notice that it makes sense to pay taxes now to lessen your future tax liability, especially if you expect to be in a higher tax bracket in the future.  Sometimes it’s better to defer tax liabilities into the future.  But what is the right method for you? 

We approach tax planning the right way.  Starting off by analyzing your latest tax return.  We will uncover valuable tax saving methods that you are not noticeably taking advantage of.  Then, we will consider a number of different strategies to make sure we are being proactive, not reactive, when it comes to your tax planning needs.

We will help you balance your financial priorities and tax implications by creating an integrated plan that will help you realize your financial goals.

Our Tax Analysis will include:

  • A review of your IRS Form 1040

  • Maximize the tax savings from allowable deductions
  • Tax loss harvesting

  • Roth conversations

  • Maximize tax savings by taking advantage of available tax credits

  • Asset location recommendations

  • Loss carry forward tracking

  • Beneficiary IRA distribution planning 

  • Avoid penalties for underpayment of estimated taxes

  • Medicare IRMAA planning

  • HSA maximization

  • Incentive stock options

  • Bunching strategies 

  • Charitable giving strategies

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