First meeting - Discovery

Our first meeting is a get to know you meeting.  Leave your investment statements, tax returns, insurance policies at home for this meeting.

Before our first meeting you will receive a Discovery Questionnaire from us, which will ask about your goals and your assets.  Keep in mind we ask for this to start the conversation, but we will get into the finer details in later meetings.  

If you don't know all of your financial information that is okay, we will talk through it together in the discovery meeting.

Once you complete the Discovery Questionnaire we will map out your assets for you so we have an idea of where you stand and have the foundation for our future conversations.

**check out an example of an Asset-Map® below**

Why should I have an Asset-Map®?

I would like to know where I stand

Are you ready to see how your financial looks today.  Get your complimentary Asset-Map® today and we will reach out to you to go over it.